For all of those interested a group buy will be coordinated with Oblong Books & Music.  Alison Francis will collect the order information from each library and pass it along to Suzanna for purchasing.  It is expected that the books should be delivered in time for our next meeting – date, time and location still to be determined.  Suzanna from Oblong will bill each library separately.  If you have any questions you can contact Suzanna directly at:

Oblong Books & Music
Suzanna Hermans
26 Main Street
Millerton, NY 12546
Phone: 518.789.3797
Fax: 518.789.6851

Click here for a list of our 2014 titles and price list, including the group discount rates.

Please complete the order form to participate in the group buy.  All responses are required by December 20.  Click here to go to the order form.  If you are participating in the group buy, please email or fax a copy of your tax exempt form to Suzanna (information above).  

For further questions contact Alison at