2020 Subcommittees

It is time to sign up for subcommittees for both the middle and high school committees for 2020. These roles are crucial to the success for our programs.

A representative from each participating library has to serve on a subcommittee. We are always looking for subcommittee coordinators and assistant coordinators. If you are participating in both middle and high school programs, please do not take on more than one time-consuming role, such as a coordinator or assistant coordinator position.

The subcommittees are made up of a coordinator, an assistant coordinator, and at least three (3) members. Both programs have the same four (4) subcommittees:

Book Selection – Responsible for assessing book suggestions and presenting
the committees-at-large with a list of titles to select the official
books from.

Questions – Responsible for writing and editing questions for practices and
regional competitions.

Facilities – Responsible for coordinating and setting up the location for the regional battles.

Volunteers – Responsible for coordinating and training volunteers at the regional battles.

You can find a list of subcommittee descriptions for both middle and high school here.

You can sign up for subcommittees for both middle and high school here.

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