2020 Subcommittees

It is time to sign up for subcommittees for both the middle and high school committees for 2020. These roles are crucial to the success for our programs.

A representative from each participating library has to serve on a subcommittee. We are always looking for subcommittee coordinators and assistant coordinators. If you are participating in both middle and high school programs, please do not take on more than one time-consuming role, such as a coordinator or assistant coordinator position.

The subcommittees are made up of a coordinator, an assistant coordinator, and at least three (3) members. Both programs have the same four (4) subcommittees:

Book Selection – Responsible for assessing book suggestions and presenting
the committees-at-large with a list of titles to select the official
books from.

Questions – Responsible for writing and editing questions for practices and
regional competitions.

Facilities – Responsible for coordinating and setting up the location for the regional battles.

Volunteers – Responsible for coordinating and training volunteers at the regional battles.

You can find a list of subcommittee descriptions for both middle and high school here.

You can sign up for subcommittees for both middle and high school here.

Mid-Hudson BOB 2019 Wrap-Up Meetings

We are looking to hold our wrap-up meetings for the 2019 Mid-Hudson Battle of the Books season during the first week of October.

We will hold the Executive Board, Middle School, and High School meetings (in that order) on the same day with each meeting lasting an hour. You only have to attend the meeting for the program you are participating in. We will send out an email with the details once a date has been selected.

Please let us know your preferences from the meeting choices or you are unavailable by filling out this poll: MHBOB19 Meeting Pool – October.

If you have any questions, contact MHBOB Executive Board President Kristin Charles-Scaringi, at kcharlesscaringi@kingstonlibrary.org.

Call for Regional Battle Volunteers 2019

The Mid-Hudson Battle of the Books needs volunteers for the middle school and high school regional battles held at Columbia-Greene Community College in Hudson on Friday, Aug. 16 and Saturday, Aug. 17.

If you are interested in volunteering at high school battle on Friday, Aug. 16, please contact Rita Covelli (Mahopac) at rcovelli@mahopaclibrary.org.

If you are interested in volunteering at middle school battle on Saturday, Aug. 17, please contact Paul Murphy (Mahopac) at pmurphy@mahopaclibrary.org.

Volunteer Roles

The volunteer roles for both regional battles include:

  • Master Scorekeeper
  • Runners
  • Emcee
  • Judge
  • Scorekeeper
  • Buzzer/Timekeeper

Master Scorekeeper  

Responsibilities include:

  • Keeps track of scores on main scoreboard. Scores are brought to the Master Scorekeeper by runners.


Responsibilities include:

  • Designated to a specific room by Master Scorekeeper. Gets score of previous game from buzzer/timekeeper in designated room
  • Gives that information to the Master Scorekeeper.


This is a senior volunteer position and has the following responsibilities:

  • Checks the buzzer system at the beginning of each battle
  • Makes sure the players’ numbers are clearly visible
  • Reminds plays of the battle rules at the start of each round including:
    • Players must wait to be acknowledged after buzzing in before speaking
    • Shout-outs are not allowed
  • Reads questions that have been given to them by the judge
  • Acknowledges the team and specific player that buzzes in (i.e., Wappingers 2)
  • Deems the answer to the question correct or incorrect
  • Automatically repeats a question in full for the second team if the first team buzzed in before the entire question was read aloud but then answered incorrectly
  • If both teams answer incorrectly, give the correct answer
  • Declares the winner of the round

This role is typically combined with the judge role for the high school battle.


This is a senior volunteer position and has the following responsibilities:

  • After checking to be sure the round number and envelop of questions match, give the questions to the emcee
  • Keeps track of questions used, discarded, or substituted
  • Keeps game moving in a timely manner
  • Makes decisions on procedural challenges including any question of pronunciation
  • Calls into question and deals with actions of emcee, scorekeeper, buzzer/timekeeper.
  • In the event that a decision cannot be made by the judge, he/she will call on a member of the Executive Board to reach a decision.
  • Keeps order in the designated room including audience, team members and coaches
  • Stops play if necessary
  • Well-versed in all six titles, brings copies of the books to the event

This role is typically combined with the emcee role for the high school battle.


Responsibilities include:

  • Uses scoreboard to keep track of score for all games in designated room
  • Makes sure the score is recorded by the buzzer/timekeeper before the board is cleared at the end of the game.

This role is typically combined with the buzzer/timekeeper role for the high school battle.


Responsibilities include:

  • Reset the buzzer system after a team member has been called on by the emcee.
  • Keeps 10 second time for team to confer AFTER emcee acknowledges team member that has buzzed in
  • Gives a loud 5 second warning by saying “FIVE”
  • Announces when 10 seconds are up by saying “TEN”
  • Records score of the games played in the room and gives win/loss to the runner for the main scoreboard.

This role is typically combined with the buzzer/timekeeper role for the high school battle.

2019 T-Shirt Group Buy

We will once again be participating in a group buy for Mid-Hudson Battle of the Books T-shirts. Shirts can be purchased through the group buy for both the middle school and high school programs.

Jo Ann DiSalvo (Beekman) will oversee the group buy through Arlington Ink in Poughkeepsie. Thank you, JoAnn!

Prices have changed this year.

  • White T-shirts: $4.25 each
  • Color T-shirts: $5.50 each
  • Ladies T-shirts: $5.25 each (white) and $6.50 each (color)
  • Optional team names on the back: additional $4.50 each
  • For ink colors other than black: $15 fee (will be share if more than one library wants the same color ink)

Checks need to be made out to Beekman Library and sent to: Jo Ann DiSalvo, Beekman Library, 11 Town Center Blvd, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533. Invoices will be sent out once orders are confirmed.

The deadline for submitting order forms is Wednesday, July 17. Please fill out the form and email to Jo Ann at jdisalvo@beekmanlibrary.org.

The website to look at T-shirt colors is www.ssactivewear.com.

You can fill out the T-shirt order form here and email it to JoAnn DiSalvo (Beekman) at

Call for BOB Manual Task Force members

We are at the verge of the 14th year of the Middle School Battle of the Books program and the third year of the High School program. The program has undergone many changes in these years and continues to grow! In order to be sure the program can continue into the future, we need a manual that will describe all of the procedures, guidelines and the mission of the program.

The manual will be a big project but the executive board would like to have it in place by the end of this Battle of the Books year. In order to strategize the best way to produce this manual and it’s contents, we would like to have a four-member task force. This group would meet as needed and ultimately assist in producing the manual. Ideally, the first meeting could be in November.

If you would like to be a part of this task force, please let me know by Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017.

Thank you!

Maureen McGrath
Mid-Hudson Battle of the Books Executive Chairperson