Responsibilities of MHLS Battle of the Books Committee Members:
•    Fully participate in committee activities by attending meetings and conducting business by telephone and written communications.
•    Act in good faith and in accordance with what they believe to be in the best interest of the Battle of the Books program and its participants.
•    Problem solve as a group.
•    Publicly disclose any actual or perceived conflicts of interest and not vote on such committee matters.
•    Be aware of (through attendance, review of minutes) and able to discuss pertinent issues.
•    Elect a chair and vice chair; positions held for two year terms.
•    Each member of the collective is responsible for participation in the following: fundraising, volunteer recruitment, title suggestions and selection, assessment and adjustment of rules and planning procedures, and selecting a regional facility.

Responsibilities of the MHLS Battle of the Books Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Website Administrator: The Battle of the Books committee chair and vice chair, working in partnership, are responsible to facilitate the work of the committee, provide oversight and ensure timely communications within the committee and between the committee.

~Responsibilities of the Chair and Vice Chair -with timeline

~Responsibilities of the Treasurer -with timeline

~Responsibilities of the Website Administrator -with timeline

Responsibilities of MHLS Battle of the Books Sub-Committee Members:
Each member of the Battle of the Books committee who is not the current Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer or Website Administrator must be a member of one of the following sub-committees. Sub-committee sign-ups will take place in December after the participating library commitment form has been submitted.

In the event there are not enough positions for all participating libraries in that year, those individuals without an assignment will serve on a sub-committee the following year. All members must serve on a sub-committee at least one of every two years.

Each sub-committee will consist of no less than three members but not more than four unless the number of participating libraries does not equal the amount needed to maintain this standard.  Committee members may be a member of more than one sub-committee only if all participating members have been assigned to a sub-committee.

•    Sub-Committees include: Question Editing, Volunteers, Facility, Publicity/Promotion; Each sub-committee will have 3 to 4 members.
•    Fully participate in sub-committee activities by attending meetings and conducting business by telephone and written communications.
•    Be aware of, and able to discuss pertinent issues.
•    Designate a Chair* to report actions and achievements by the sub-committee at committee meetings.

*Each sub-committee will be appointed a Chair. The Chair of each sub-committee is responsible for: directing the group according to the timeline, reporting progress of ongoing projects, equally distributing assignments amongst sub-committee members and keeping an electronic record of procedures and findings to pass on to the next Chair.

~Responsibilities of the Facility Sub-committee -with timeline

~Responsibilities of the Publicity/Promotion Sub-committee -with timeline

~Responsibilities of the Question Editing Sub-committee -with timeline
(This sub-committee will also include the 8 book editors and 12 question writers.)

~Responsibilities of the Volunteers Sub-committee -with timeline

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