Volunteer Duties

All the important information for volunteers can be found here! Contact us for more information; more volunteers are always welcome!

Master Scorekeeper (Double Elimination Bracket)

  • Keeps track of scores on main board (scores brought by runners); 
  • Assigns runners to specific rooms of play and directs runners to get teams and bring to designated rooms for games.
  • Runners (1 for each room of play)
  • Designated to a specific room by the Master Scorekeeper; 
  • Retrieve teams from main holding area(s) and bring to designated  room for their games; 
  • Get score of previous game from buzzer system/timekeeper in the designated room and give the information to the Master Scorekeeper.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Emcees (1 for each room of play)

  • Read questions given to them by the judge; 
  • Acknowledge team and then specific player to answer after buzzing in.
  • Deem the answer correct or incorrect
  • Give the correct answer to the question if neither team is able to answer
  • Declares the winner

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Scorekeeper (1 for each room of play)

  • Uses scoreboard to keep score for all games in one room; 
  • Makes sure the score is recorded before the board is cleared at the end of the game

Buzzer System/Timer (1 for each room of play)

  • Reset buzzer system after team member has been called on by emcee; 
  • Time 10 seconds for team to confer after emcee acknowledges team member that has buzzed in
  • Keeps score of games played in the room and gives to runner for main scoreboard

Judge (1 for each room of play)

  • Keeps track of questions used/discarded or substituted
  • Gives questions to emcee for appropriate rounds
  • Deals with procedural challenges
  • Keeps game moving in a timely manner
  • Calls into question and deals with actions of emcee, scorekeeper, buzzer system/timekeeper
  • Keeps order in designated room including audience members, team members, coaches
  • Stops play if necessary
  • Well versed in all eight titles, brings copies of books (given to them) to the event
2018 High School Regional Battle