Updated 2017


  • Players must be entering grades 6-9 in the fall when the Battle occurs.
  • Each team may have no more than five (5) players on “stage” in any given round of competition.
  • Substitutes must be instituted before a new game starts. Substitutions cannot be made when a game is in play.


  • Bracketed, double elimination rounds will be played according to a schedule.
  • The schedule will be set up to ensure that each team gets to play at least twice.
  • In the bracketed competition a BYE is considered an automatic win.
  • The same questions will be used for each round within a bracket.
    • There will be 25 questions asked in each round.
    • The questions will be based on eight (8) predetermined titles.
  • A buzzer system will be used for all teams in each competition.
  • The first team member to buzz will be called on to answer the question and may confer with teammates. (The other team CANNOT confer/talk with their team while the team that buzzed in is conferring.)
    • He/she must answer within 10 seconds after the Emcee acknowledges him/her.
    • The answer must contain the full title and full author’s name. The title’s initial article (A, An, The) does not have to be given as part of the answer.
    • If the first team gives a wrong answer or declines to answer the question, a member of the second team must buzz in and answer within 10 seconds after the Emcee acknowledges him/her. The team may confer within that 10 second period.
    • A question will only be repeated for the second team if the first team buzzes before the Emcee completes the question the first time.
  • Only team members and coaches may challenge procedures.
    • Procedural challenges will be deliberated with the two coaches and judges conferring quietly together.
    • Judges will have final say in all procedural challenges.
  • Questions and answers cannot be challenged.


  • Team gets 1 point for each correct answer, which must include the correct title and the author’s full name.
  • In case of a tie, additional questions will be given until the tie is broken.
  • Any team that shouts out an answer before being acknowledged by the Emcee will be penalized 1 point.



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