Venue Criteria / Checklist

  • A vote among the Battle of the Books committee members will take place if more than one suitable venue is available for use.
  • It is the goal of this committee to hold the regional event in various locales throughout the service area.

All potential venues for the Battle of the Books must have:

  1. Cafeteria(s) or appropriate space(s) that allow food and can accommodate 400 plus to serve as waiting areas.
  2. Large lecture hall /auditorium/gymnasium with sound system to accommodate 400 plus.
  3. Four (4) locations (auditorium, gym, library, classrooms, etc.) for concurrent games.
  4. Permission to place “BOB” road signs and banner on property.
  5. Access to the venue for set up the day before the Battle.
  6. Access at 8:00 a.m. on Battle Day.
  7. Rental price cap of $1200.
  8. Custodial Services.
  9. Adequate parking.
  10. ADA accessibility.

Walk Through Checklist:

  • Are rooms of play close to each other?
  • Is the facility easy to navigate?
  • Are all rooms ADA accessible?
  • Can we set-up the night before? Time-frame?
  • What time can we get in on Saturday?
  • Policy about putting (taping) directional signs on the walls?
  • Can we use road signs on premises?
  • Placement/accessibility of bathrooms
  • Does the main entrance allow for a sign in space? Preferably a 6 foot table with 2 chairs.
  • Is there a central location for the Master Scorekeeper?


  • Will tables and chairs be set-up?
  • Proximity to bathrooms and rooms of play.


  • Do we have access to the sound system? Is there someone to work the system?
  • Lighting?
  • Electricity? Number of outlets, access.
  • Space for: 3 Tables, 12 chairs, podium, 1 smaller table or desk (for scoreboard). See Diagram

Other Rooms of Play

  • Electricity? Number of outlets, access.
  • For each space: 3 tables, 12 chairs, small table or desk (for scoreboard) and podium. Additional chairs for audience members. See Diagram